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Summer is endless in Huntington Beach, and sun, sand and surf seem to flow through people's lives, but what about people?

Huntington Beach has always had a great surf speed and the city even has a huge collection of surfboards (which is why it is also known as Surf City) on display at the Huntington Beach Surf Museum, the largest surf museum in the United States. This phenomenon earned Huntington the title of "Surf City USA" and continues to make Huntington a surfing mecca. But not only in Huntington, but also in other parts of California and around the world, things happen at sea.

Waves are not your thing, take advantage of the calmer waters of Huntington Harbour and try your hand at SUPing. The best waves in the area are on the south side of Huntington Beach Pier, but you can swim, fish and watch from the beach or even from a boat at Huntington Beach Marina.

The walk to Huntington Beach Pier may sound touristy, but don't let its popularity stop you. Get on top of the water by getting wet and strolling to historic Huntington Beach Pier. As touristy as it may sound, you can visit this SoCal spot for a great day trip or even a night on the beach.

Take at least one afternoon to experience the beach and everything that made it famous, from the beautiful beaches to the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the historic pier.

Just like the Big Apple, Huntington Beach has its own Central Park, which at 350 acres is the largest city park in the United States. Surf City USA is just a short drive from Hollywood and Beverley Hills, both about an hour from the highway. Take the Pacific Coast Highway to the beach or the Santa Monica Highway, the only major highway in Southern California. State Park is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Orange County and the second largest beach in Los Angeles.

Newport Beach borders the Pacific Ocean to the southeast, Santa Monica Highway to the west, Huntington Beach to the north, and Huntington Park to the south.

The entire city of Huntington Beach is in the 657 - 714 primary code, while the 562 primary code is the code for Orange County, California's second largest county. College State University of Long Beach is one of Southern California's largest public colleges and universities, especially if young adults are interested in promoting their education for two to four years. John Wayne Airport (IATA / SNA) serves Huntington Beach and most of Orange County. Two Amtrak stations in Santa Ana and Anaheim offer locals the chance to ride on the tracks or take a bus to their destinations.

Students from kindergarten through eighth grade are taught by the Huntington Beach Public School District (HPSD) and Orange County Public Schools (OCPS).

Huntington Beach offers numerous places to watch the sunset in all its glory, and boasts one of Southern California's most beautiful beaches, Huntington Beach Pier. The views are spectacular, with dunes along the coast, mudflats and freshwater swamps lining the beach, which is believed to be still the largest beach in the United States and the second largest in California. 560 m of sand to the sea, all around magnificent views, it is a pilgrimage site for surfing culture. Huntington Beach has a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels as well as a number of beaches.

Many neighborhood maintenance programs that exist ensure that Huntington is safe and healthy no matter what part of the city you live in, and that the many neighborhood maintenance programs protect you.

These organizations work together to improve the quality of life for Huntington Beach residents and the community as a whole. Many of Anjo's adult delegations have visited Huntington Beach and many of them have been awarded the Huntington Beach Surf Club for their efforts. The group, which is sponsored by the Orange County Surfing Association (OCSA) and the Southern California Surf League (SCSL), will visit Anjos for the first time this summer as part of its annual Surf City Tour. While in town, the group will explore some of Orange County's surf attractions, including San Clemente and Santa Ana Beach beaches, as well as other local attractions.

Huntington Beach is known as "Surf City USA" and for good reason: it houses some of the best surfing and surfing facilities in the world and is one of Orange County's most popular beaches. To learn more about the economy, education and entertainment in the region, read our guide to the economy, education and entertainment in these areas and see what you want to call Huntington Beach home. A tour to Huntington Beach is best done by bike and pedego's Is an integral part of this city to do just that.

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More About Huntington Beach