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Research and development company Olson Construction has announced the completion of the Huntington Beach West Hotel and Restaurant on the famous Huntington Beach Pier, which attracts more than 16 million visitors annually. Developed by Newport Beach, R.D. Olson Development and Pacific Hospitality Group of Irvine, California, the eight-story, 250-room hotel features unique design details and amenities that will add elegance to this iconic Southern California surfing city. In addition to the hotel's distinctive design, the restaurant design of the property is being realized by Kay Lang & Associates of Santa Monica, California, with the help of the California-based Hatch Design Group of Costa Mesa. With a total area of about 1,500 square metres, this hotel will feature over 200 designs.

Huntington Beach West Hotel and Restaurant, with the help of Kay Lang & Associates of Santa Monica, Calif., and Hatch Design Group of Costa Mesa.

Located on the east coast, guests can visit nearby Aux Cerfs and enjoy the beautiful coastline and water, take kitesurfing lessons or visit nearby Aux Cerfes. This small inn offers eco-friendly services including the Elan Center for the Environment and Huntington Beach Community Center, as well as access to the Costa Mesa Eco-Friendly Park. Guests can enjoy the outdoor terrace and gastronomic options at La Cienega Hotel and Restaurant, as well as the outdoor pool and wellness centre.

The SeaGarden Beach Resort is a tranquil oasis that creates an authentic Jamaican experience. Catalina Sea Spa offers luxurious massages at 100 Lodge Retreat (Avenue St.) in Avalon on Catalina Island, CA.

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Victory Blvd was built in the 1950s and last sold for $349,000 and is one of the oldest hotels in Los Angeles County, California. If you are looking for a 5 star Huntington Beach California Westin Hotel, you can find it here.

This family residence is located in Huntington Beach, CA and was last listed on 04 / 05 / 2006 for $625,000, which equates to 381 square feet, and last sold on 06 / 16 / 2015 for over $2,475,000.

Find out more at the Bed, Bath & Beyond Store at Lakewood Center and other local stores in Huntington Beach, CA, including Target, Walmart and more.

Visit Huntington Beach, CA or visit 24120 for an estimated $2,140 per month for a one-, two-, bath- and twin-bed hotel at the Westin Hotel.

In 1985 Kay and her husband moved from their home in San Diego, California, to Huntington Beach, CA. Find your next rental until May 31, 2019 and compare the amenities of a one-, two-, bath- and twin-bed hotel at the Westin Hotel in 24120 for $2,140 per month.

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